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June Finds and Favorites

1. This sunny yellow silk dress from And Other Stories. I saw a girl wearing this in Chicago a couple weeks ago and I've been thinking about it ever since.

2. These encrusted starfish earrings from Talbots. I want to eat them! 

3. I found a dark green martini table at an antique store in June and I snatched it up so fast. I love the shape and the size is perfect for a compact space. Here's a more budget friendly option.

4. Paddywax's cactus flower candle. Not only does this candle smell so good, the jar it comes in is too cute.

5. Wildberry lavender ice cream from Jeni's. This is the best ice cream flavor, hands down, and Whole Foods' ice cream sale is going on right now until the 16th of July, so you can be sure I bought some!

6. This rainbow ring from Suzanne Kassler. I would love to add a multicolor band like this to my own ring collection someday.

7. How about a marbled matchbox with that candle? I want to diy this soon! 

8. Poppi's berry soda. I ordered a pack of this off of Amazon because I wanted to try it but I couldn't find it anywhere else. Loved it! 

9. These adorable toiletry bags from Sezane. I love the bright gingham and flowers. Again, here's a more budget friendly option with tons of styles! 

10. these colorful Sorel sneakers caught my eye a while ago and I think they're so cute.

This roundup is a little late but my June was so busy I didn't have time to blog at all! A July roundup will be coming at the end of this month, along with (hopefully) some other fun blog content.






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