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About Us

Meet Lydia

Bonjour! I'm Lydia, the creative behind The Illustrated Life. I'm a twenty-something, art-loving, cake-eating, wrapping paper-obsessed gal and I'm so glad you're here!

It All Started When. . .

In 2016, I dreamed up a name and opened an Etsy shop as a post-high school enterprise. In the last five years, The Illustrated Life has grown into a bustling small business that employs me and my shop assistant, Becca (resident packaging expert!). I brainstorm, design, and source, and when an order comes in, she packs it up and sends it to you. 

Our Mission

I hope to contribute joy to the world around me through cheerful artwork and whimsical designs that can applied functionally to daily life, whether that's through cooking meals for your family or sending birthday cards to loved ones. All our products are made in North America, many with small printers who specialize in different items. I value quality and want my products to last and be cherished keepsakes.

Fun Fact: The name of my business was inspired by the passion that first drew me into painting: illustrating the stories that I wrote as a kid!