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Le Roundup: April 2024 Finds and Favorites

Welcome to the roundup! I've floated the idea of writing a blog and featuring links for a while. I love browsing collections like this from tastemakers online and I've decided to bite the bullet and start creating my own! 


From the top:

1. Floral pajamas: I bought this ruffled set from amazon after having it saved a long time ago and I'm loving them! 

2. Ruffled pillowcases: I bought these for the armchair in my bedroom but they were too large. I had my eye on this pillow from Marks and Spencer, but sadly it's now sold it! 

3. Pearl hoops: I just got these from Talbots and I can't wait to wear them! I've worn huggie hoops before but never larger ones and these are a great addition to my collection.

4. Toggle necklace: Continuing on a pearl theme, I saw a much more expensive version of this necklace while shopping in Charleston on a recent trip and fell in love with the concept! 

5. Tortoise glass carafe: I saw this carafe at Homegoods recently while searching for one and loved the look of it. I ended up going with a smaller style that fit my compact bedside shelf better.

6. Thayer's milk toner: I've been hearing about the wonders of toner for a while and I just got a mini bottle of this toner to add to my skincare routine. 

7. Straw and leather tote: A market style tote has been on my wishlist for over a year and I finally bought this one on eBay in white just in time for an upcoming trip. It has a canvas liner that zips shut! 

8. Ruffled picture frame: I stopped in Stoffer Home recently and saw this beautiful picture frame. I love ruffles so it's safe to say I'm obsessed! 

9. Potato ricer: I've checked for one of these every time I've hit the thrift store recently and just the other day my mom found one. It makes the fluffiest mashed potatoes and some homemade gnocchi is on my list to try! 

10. Bud vase: My goodwill find of the week was a vase just like this one. Mine has a yellow interior and a little chip but it was .99, so I'm happy with that! 

11.Bow sandals: I bought these in white for Easter this year but I love the tan color as well. Here's another bow sandal I'm loving right now.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup! I'll probably share these on a monthly basis, maybe along with articles or other fun items of interest. 



Disclaimer: I am an Amazon associate and I earn a small commission from purchases made via the links I share. 

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