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Le Roundup: Vol. 2



This month's roundup is dropping a bit late, but better late than never! 

1. Aquamarine Beaded Necklace

2. Rainbow Fluorite Necklace 

These two are from the same incredible Etsy shop, Dani Barbe. I now have so many pieces from them saved to my favorites and I would love to become the owner of one of these semi-precious necklaces.

3. Amazon bodysuit/leo

The answer to all my bodysuit/layering needs. Since I didn't grow up dancing, I had never bought a leotard before. But these are fantastic. Coming in at $25-ish in a number of neutral colors, they are a little scoopy, stretchy, and flattering. I originally bought one as workout attire and I will be adding a white one to my wardrobe as a layering piece. 

4. Healthier starbursts

I first discovered Torie & Howard's chewy fruities at my local health food store and I am obsessed. They have the same juicy toothsomeness as a starburst, but are organic and free of artificial colorings. They also come in flavors appealing to more sophisticated palettes, such as Meyer Lemon and Raspberry, Nectarine and Pomegranite, and Blood Orange and Honey.

5. Sporty and Rich baseball cap

I saw a guy wearing this on the Metro in Paris and decided I immediately need one for myself, despite not being sporty or rich. 

6. Ric-Rac Set 

Available in a rainbow of colors, this set is so cute for a coverup or pajamas for this summer.

7. Clinique makeup remover

I'm almost out and will be restocking soon. The best thing for removing stubborn waterproof mascara. 

8. Methodical decaf coffee beans

I had Methodical coffee at Hearken Cafe in Charleston back in February and I have tried one of their other decafs since then. I'm excited to try this one, too!

9. Visual Comfort Flushmount

This isn't even an affiliate link, it's just getting an honorary mention here because it's cool.   

June begins tomorrow! I hope you all had a wonderful May month. 



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