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What People Are Wearing in Paris

I just got back from a delightful 12 day trip to Paris and the Côte d'Azur. France has been at the top of my bucket list for over a decade and it was a thrill to finally visit!

There's so much buzz about French fashion on the internet, and for good reason. Personally, I found most of the street fashion was too neutral and clean cut for my tastes, but I appreciate the sophisticated look on others and I enjoyed seeing everyone's looks. There were lots of trench coats, many scarves, and always fantastic accessories, even with the simplest outfits. The trend for men seems to be wrapping or tossing your scarf over one shoulder like a cape!

Every cafe and boulangerie in France offers 'formules' or combo meals, so in the spirit of that I've rounded up the best looks I saw and have created some little 'formulas' for a look that's tres chic and tres Francais! 

I've done my best to preserve the original look but some pieces were difficult to find and the ones portrayed are in some cases pretty different. :)

Formula #1 - Floral dress + Shearling vest + Woven belt + Mules

This was an adorable maternity look! However, I think it's versatile and would look good on anyone. I love the use of the shearling or sherpa vest as a transitional piece going into spring rather than fall, and the textural and pattern contrast of the belt.


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 Formula #2 - Striped blouse + Jean skirt + Trench coat + Scarf

Jean skirts were fairly popular in France! As a frequent wearer (my fav is old from Pilcro and the Letterpress) I was happy to see this. This was a timeless, classic look, and very easy to recreate. I love the unexpected red in the sneakers and scarf! 


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Formula #3 - Quilted jacket + Ruffled collar + Jeans + Ballet flats

I saw this outfit first out of all of these and I was instantly obsessed. While ruffled collars have seen their moment and are on the way out, many of us still have them in our closets. This combination with a quilted jacket, a newer trend, is the perfect way to continue shopping our closets. Pari with jeans and ballet flats and you're good to go. 


This particular jacket is the closest thing I could find to what I saw in Paris, but it is, unfortunately, only available in girls' sizing. Similar styles can be found below!


Formula #4 - Ruched top + Linen skirt + Sandal

The final look is a more conventionally 'Parisian' outfit: sleek, chic, and neutral. This reminded me of something my older sister Lauren would wear. :) 

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I hope you enjoyed this roundup of looks from France and that you were inspired in some way! 

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