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Recipe Page Printable
Recipe Page Printable
Recipe Page Printable
Recipe Page Printable

Recipe Page Printable

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This fillable version of our customer favorite download is now available by popular request.

- 2 versions, front and back, and front only for shorter recipes
- 8.5x11 format
- Includes spaces for title, information, directions, and recipe notes
- Available in two colors
- The default font is Helvetica, the font shown is Adobe Handwriting Ernie.
- This printable is for personal use. The font may be changed (you will receive instructions via email,) but the edited pdf may not be resold.

Font change instructions:

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro to change the font in the pdf.

1. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat reader
2. Select 'Tools' from the top toolbar (it appears to the right of 'home' next to your open file tab)
3. Select 'Prepare Form' from under the Forms category
4. Select the field(s) you would like to change from the list on the right. You can change the font in all of the fields on each page at the same time this way.
5. Right-click once your fields are selected and click 'Properties'
6. In the dialogue box that appears, select 'Appearance' and choose your desired font, size, and color.
7. Save as the original file and add the new font name to help you distinguish it from the original file.